4 Soccer Tournaments Benefits That You May Not Aware

Soccer tournaments benefits are not only about health but also a high meaning of social life. Soccer is one of world’s popular sports. Almost every people ranging from kids to adults love this sport. Soccer itself is a sport game consists of 2 teams, each of team has 11 members. All players wear socks to kick the ball towards the opponent’s goal. Soccer is played in an open field on the grass. The team that gets the most number of goals is the winner. 4 Soccer Tournaments Benefits That You May Not Aware

Short history of soccer

Soccer itself was established since 2nd and 3rd BC in China. At that time, the game was aiming the leather ball and kicking it towards small net. Besides, in Japan, this sport game is also well known as Kemari. Meanwhile, in Italy, this game is well known since 16th century. Soccer was then getting more developed in England. The committee set basic rule to play this sport game. However, when it comes to the real practice, violence often occurs during the game, even some soccer games was stopped due to this condition. In 1880, this sport game was introduced by many people ranging from soldier, seller, sailor, England soldiers that has trip to several countries. The soccer organization was then established in 1904 under the name FIFA. The soccer was then getting more popular as many soccer tournaments being held in many countries.

By seeing these facts, it is clearly shown that soccer is indeed getting more developed. However, why does soccer become very popular? What kinds of benefit that people may get from doing this sport game? the article below will tell you more. sbobet casino

Soccer tournaments benefits towards health

Soccer is one of sport games that provides big influence towards the citizens because of its popularity. It means that the benefits being offered are also quite many, not only the benefits for the soccer layers themselves but also for the surroundings including the citizens and soccer’s industry. For those who like to play soccer, they must have known that soccer is similar to other sports that has benefits towards the body’s health. Some benefits for the body’s health are including

  • Strength

Both bones and muscles will get stronger after doing several movements in soccer’s game such as jumping, running, and kicking the ball. By moving the legs for 90 minutes will train your leg’s muscles. Besides, the arm muscles and upper part of the body will also automatically work and help the body’s movements such as jumping, tackling, kicking and blocking. In addition, the chest part will also move to handle the ball movement.

  • Consideration

During the soccer game, injury often occurs. We may often see the players must roll over on the field and must be stretched out of the field. Therefore, it is very important for the soccer player to minimize the risk for them not to easily get injured. Soccer players are recommended to wear protective equipment such as shin pads, gloves for goalkeeper and special shoes. Man soccer players are also important to wear protective cups. Besides, they also need to prepare themselves well before the tournament by doing some warm ups and drink non-sugar water. Soccer tournaments benefits towards health

Soccer tournaments benefits towards the community

We may have known that soccer has many benefits towards the body’s health, however, not all people are aware that this sport also has other benefits towards the community. Soccer game is a popular sport that mostly being aired on television. We may also have seen the soccer fans enthusiastically support their favorite teams. We can also see how much the salary of popular soccer player such as Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and many more. Because of this popularity, soccer becomes a sport that truly affects the community’s life. There are several benefits that soccer has to offer for the community as below

  • Source of employment

During soccer tournament, especially for big tournament, there are many participants include in it that further become source of employment. A team of soccer consists of a group of people, not only the players but also the trainers, assistant, manager, and many more. Besides, during the tournament, there will also sellers that gets job.  They sell many kinds of souvenirs related to soccer such as stickers, hat, shirt, scarf and many more. There are also food sellers that become additional jobs during the tournament with many supporters come.

  • Community’s entertainment

Watching soccer tournament can become an entertainment for the community. The tournament can be watched directly on either television or stadium. The show can be a distinct yet very entertaining for some certain group. The community will get some entertainment from it especially in countries where soccer is a very popular sport. Despite the free-watching access that the people can get from watching the soccer game through internet or television, the ticket fee to watch this game is also not too expensive. So the people can watch this game for entertainment purpose, either they are supports of a team or just want to watch it in their leisure time.

Soccer tournaments benefits for the country

Growing up the spirit of patriotism

Soccer can also trigger the establishment of nationalism in the community. As an illustration of this, when there is tournament with other countries where the community will automatically support their own country’s players. Even though sometimes the supporter will criticize the way of tournament going but there are still reasons to support their national team. When their favorite team wins the game, the other opponent’s supporter must respect the result and will keep happy and celebrate it. The supporters that may come from different political parties, race and religion can also celebrate the victory with the spirit of patriotism that they have.

Despite the negative impacts that soccer may have, however, Soccer tournaments benefits indeed gives more positive impacts not only towards health, the community but also for country. So, do you want to join and give some tournaments a try?

The Most Expensive Football Player Transfer

When the new season end or starts, this also means the transfer season is starts. The transfer season is time for club to buy the talented football player from other football club. The huge transfer fee often works out for the club achievement. For example, when Real Madrid spend €94 million in 2009 for Cristiano Ronaldo, it is the proved the money spend is worthy with club winning much titles.  However, big transfer also can be nothing when the player buy is not at the great performance as expected. The Most Expensive Football Player Transfer

For example,  Paul Pogba need to start show that he is worthy to buy after he show disappointing performance in his debut season with Manchester United. However, most of the expensive fee of transfer player is available for the high skill and talented players. Most of them are leading the club to win titles or have scored goals for important match.   Here are list for the most expensive transfer player record in the world.

  1. Angel Di Maria. Real Madrid to Manchester United and value transaction €75.6 million in 2014.  He might become a high transferred player that goes wrong.  When Manchester United buys him from Madrid they think that he can be the next great 7.  The truth is he need to fight struggle and he just play for one season and appears in 27 matches with three goals score. However, with the strong start in United, he named with the club’s players in September.  He then transfers to PSG with only 64million.
  2. Zinedine Zidane. Juventus to Real Madrid with value transfer at € 77.5 million.  In his duration with Bernabeau, Zidane lead the team to win Championship League titles and score one best goal that recorded as best goal in the history of the competition final.  In 2002-2003 Real won the Championship League title and Zinedine get title as Best FiFA World Player of the year for the third times.  He did not win any major trophies in his remaining 3 years in playing in the club before he decides to retire in 2006 after World Cup. However, Zinedine is noted as one of the best finest midfielder’s football players in the world. zinedine zidane with real madrid jersey
  3. James Rodriguez. AS Monaco to Real Madrid in 2014 for transfer value €79.8 million.  Real Madrid buys this 23 year old player after he scored 6 goals in route of Golden Boot Award in World Cup 2014.  However, injuries disrupted his performances and make him often used as substitute players. Rodriguez then loaned to Bayern Munich in deal in July 2017.
  4. Luis Suarez. From Liverpool to Barcelona FC and the total transfer value € 82.3 million in 2014.  Suarez won European Gold Shoe award in 2014. Along with Lionel Mesi and Neymar, they become the nightmares for attacking trio in European league.  Suarez also becomes the best La Liga player in that year.  He is remained as best Barcelona players and one of European best player.
  5. Romelu Lukaku. Transfer from Everton to Manchester United in 2017 with transfer value € 85 million. He is 24 years old Belgian player that becomes the crown player in United and becomes the new look for the new 9 number players. Lukaku has proved for his capacity as the reliable Premier League top player scorer. He has record 43 goals in his last two campaigns in Goddison Park and maintains the rate to the value.
  6. Gonzalo Higuagin. Transferred from Napoli to Juventus in 2016 at value €90 million. This expensive fee comes after Higuain scored 36 goals in Series A and lead his club Napoli to win the titles. On his first season with Juventus, he scored 24 goals in Seri-A and 5 goals in Champions League goals that lead Juventus to win the titles of Series A and go to Champions League final.
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo. Transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009 with value €94 million. Ronaldo has great record for his career. He has won every team he joined and the achievement of individual award becomes the proven for his spell. When he plays in Spain, he has won 2 Copa Del Reys Titles, 2 La LIga titles, and 3 Champions League. His individual awards include three Ballon D’Or.  He also has longevity time, as he get his 32 years old recently, he still noted as one of the top two best football players  in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
  8. Gareth Bale. Buy from Tottenham to Real Madrid in 2013 with value transfer €100 million. Gareth Bale proved that he is worthy for the transfer value when he comes to Real Madrid.  He performs the one-third “BBC” attacking trio with Karim Benzema and Ronaldo.  In his 24 years old, He moved to Spain and record 54 goals in his 100 appearances in La Liga match.
  9. Paul Pogba. From Juventus then transferred to Manchester United with value transfer €105 million in 2016.  Paul Pogba is known as best center midfielder in the world after his great performs in the club.  Paul pogba decent his year and score 5 goals in Premier League and notching one goal in final against Ajax.
  10. Neymar. Transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain in 2017 and total value € 222 million. With the cost that spends from the club to buy Neymar, he becomes the worthy investments for the club.  At the times, he becomes the mantle for Mesi and Ronaldo and becomes the best player in the world.  PSG need double the transfer to get this player, but in his 25 year old, join with PSG is the best step in his career.

From the transfer value, we can say that, the best player and most wanted by football club will get the best value too.  The cost for the expensive transfer value is nothing when the players bought give the best achievement and prestige when he joins with the club. There are legendary players that also recorded as the expensive transfer in the era. The charming and fans from the football players also becomes the one consideration that will attract more fans to support the club.

Legendary Football Players that Never Won Balloon D’Or

Ballon D’Or is the highest achievement for the football players. However, there are several legendary football players that even never won this Ballon D’Or prize although they have great performance with their club or national team. Legendary Football Players that Never Won Balloon D'Or

  • Frank Lampard 

Frank Lampard is one of the greatest players in Chelsea all of time and England midfielder and won 13 trophy with The Blues over time when he join with the club. Frank Lampard joins t o club in 2001 and quickly becomes the main squad in the team. He has appears in over 648 appearances and score 211 goals. This record makes him as the all-time club leading goal scorer. Lampard best moments come when Chelsea against Bayern Munich and win in Champions League. Frank Lampard also becomes part of Britain Great Golden Generation in Football, along with Paul scholes, Wayne Rooney, and Steven gerrard.  In 2005, he get 2ndposition in Ballon’D or competition under Ronaldinho.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

Striker from Sweden and enjoy the glam career in several leagues titles in Spaon, Italy, France and Netherlands. Ibrahimovic trade to Manchester United in Premier League and becomes his 8th club he joined in senior career. His professional debut starts in Malmo 1999, in Sweden and scored 420 goals in this domestic match. The trophy collection becomes fair for his occupants include 4 titles in Serie A, 4 Ligue titles and one La Liga titles. He has never come to top 3 nominees for Ballon D’Or and the closest position is when he gets 4th rank after Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Mesi and Franck Ribery in 2013.

  • Thierry Henry 

Thierry Henry is noted as goal scoring prowes and high technical ability and becomes the club leading scorer.  Henry is notable with historic winning with FC Barcelona include titles in La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and the Champions League in 2009. Thierry Henry also plays well in his National team France. He wins 1998 World Cup and UEFA Euro 2000 and best the Michale Platini fir France top scorer titles. The closest position for Henry with Ballon D’Or is in 2006 in 3rdposition and becomes runner up in 2003. Thierry Henry With Barcelona Jersey

  • Arjen Robben 

Arjen Robben has collected a lot of trophies when hen joined with the clubs. The winger player has winning the titles from Netherlands, Spain and England. He won pretty much trophy with Bayern Munich includes 6 Bundes Liga title, 4 trophies in DFB Pokals, and even when he wins the Champions League. Unfortunately, he has not as success as in his Dutch team in international level under-performing. Netherlands and Robben come close into World Cup 2010 and becomes runner up when they lost from Spain 1-0.  Robben also not have much luck with Ballon D’Or as he come closest to win in 2014 and just get the 4th position.

  • Xavi hernandes

Xavi Hernandes is graduation from Barcelona’s La Masia Youth Academy. His tiki-taka style make the Catalan football club lead the success when he join the first team.  The presence from him becomes one reason why he wins titles of La Liga for 8 times. Xavi also play important role in national Spanish team that won Euro Cup in 2008, 2010 World Cup titles, and also Euro cup in 2012. The only football player in Spain History that has more successful such as Xavi is his teammate, Andres Iniesta. Xavi get close with Ballon D’Or competition and get finished in 3rd position in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Click here to read List of 5 Football Brothers People Didn’t Know About)

  • Gianlugi Buffon

Ballon D’Or award has been biased towards to attacking football players, or defender that even get better luck in this awards rather than goalkeeper. The only one goalkeeper that win the Ballon D’Or prize is Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin that win this Ballon D’Or prize to his home in 1963. The Italian goalkeeper, gianlugi Buffon has closest position to win the Ballon D’Or prize in repeatedly and the best rank he get when come into 2nd position in 2006. Buffon has lead his team, Juventus wins Serie A titles for 10 times, won World Cup with Italy in 2006 and also finish as runner up in 2012 in European Championship. Bufon also win multiple titles for his shot stoppers abilities, include win Seri –A Goalkepper of the year and drop the trophy 12 times. Gianlugi Buffon From Juventus

  • Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs is the prominent role player in Manchester United and also win domestic titles and European success under management of Sir Alex Ferguson in range 1990s and 2000s. Giggs join Manchester United in youth program in 14 and have appearances over 950 in all competitions. His skill for passing and dribbling and discipline becomes his excess. In Manchester United, he won 13 Premier League titles, 2 Champions League, and 4 FA cups.  Totally, he scored 168 goals when join Manchester United, 160 assist and make him as Premier league’s leading assist provider all of time. However, with his achievement with his club, he just never made closest to Ballon D’O to top 3 positions.

  • Philip Lahm

He is considered as one of the best full backs players in German defender and also becomes captain for Bayern Munich and German National team. Lahm has leaded his team to won 8 Bundes Liga titles, 6 DFB Pokals titles and Champions League when joined with Bayern Munich.  In 2014, Lahm also becomes captain for German National team in 2014 at World Cup triumph. In 2014, he positioned in 6th rank in Ballon D’Or place.

  • Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini becomes one of the most successful football players in AC Miland and Italian defender that voted as World Soccer List of greatest player in 20th century. Paolo Maldini hold the record for Most appearances player in Serie-A with 647 appearances that comes over with his 25 seasons in AC Milan.  He won award 7 Seroe-A titles, 5 Champions League trophy, and 3 times of Supercoppa Italianas.  In national team, he performs in 4 World Cup and 3 UEDA Championship. He comes close to win Ballon D’Or prize and finishing at 3rd place in 2003 and 1994.

  • Andres Iniesta

In World Cup 2010, Andres score the winning goal for Spain and make him as most work hard players to put Spanish spirit in winning titles. He won World Cup and European Championship in his national team Spain. The closest rank to win Ballon D’Or is when he comes as runner up in 2010.

List of 5 Football Brothers People Didn’t Know About

There are a lot of famous football brothers that the world just cannot ignore. Say for example the infamous Gary Neville and Phil Neville, Eden Hazard and his brother Thorgan Hazard, or the Italian Filippo Inzaghi and Simone Inzaghi. The brothers have successful career in football, being able to play for big clubs and millions of fortune every year. However, beside all the names mentioned just now, there are still a lot of football brothers that you should know about. You probably do not know at all that these players have brothers who are footballers as well. Below are 5 of them. Paul Pogba and Mathias Pogba

  1. Paul Pogba and Mathias Pogba

The first couple of bros to make the list must be Paul Pogba and his brother Mathias Pogba. We all know Paul and his turbulent Manchester United career so far, we probably know him for his dabbing and “unique” hairstyle as well. Paul is known as well as a French footballer. However, Mathias is still faithful to his Guinean native and to this day known as a Guinean professional footballer. The 26-year-old Mathias is currently a striker for Sparta Rotterdam, playing in the Eredivisie (Dutch football league). The Pogba brothers do not stop there actually because beside Paul and Mathias, there is another Pogba named Florentin Pogba, who is the twin brother of Mathias and older brother to Paul, who is now currently playing for Saint-Étienne in French Ligue 1. Luis Suarez and Paolo Suarez

  1. Luis Suárez and Paolo Suárez

Luis Suárez is one of the most prominent football players in the world so far. He has great career with Barcelona as well as with the Uruguayan National Team. He is also known for his controversial biting habit. Little did we know that Luis Suárez has an older brother who is a professional footballer as well. His name is Paolo Suárez. He is six years older than Luis and is a great footballer as well. Even though Paolo never managed to play to Europe, Paolo was selected to play for Uruguay’s under-20 team. This caused his little brother Luis to idolize him so much and determined to be a footballer like his big brother. It turned out that Luis becomes more successful than Paolo eventually. Today, Paolo is still a professional football player, playing as a midfielder for Isidro Metapán. It is a team in the Salvadoran Primera División. You can probably recognize Paolo immediately when you see his picture in the team because Paolo has almost the exact same face with Luis. They’re indeed brothers. Toni Kroos and Felix Kroos

  1. Toni Kroos and Felix Kroos

Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos is an impressive footballer. This German footballer has won everything, from La Liga champion title, Champions League winning title, to World Cup winner with Germany. Toni, however, has a little brother who is a footballer as well. The name of the younger brother is Felix Kroos. He is more like twins to Toni than brother. Being only 15 months younger than Toni, Felix also has striking simliarity to Toni. People can hardly tell the physical difference between Toni and Felix. However, the football career’s fortune seems to be more on Toni’s side. While his older brother constantly triumphs with Real Madrid and German national team, Felix is still struggling. He is now currently playing as a midfielder for Union Berlin, a club in German second division. Felix is not bad at all in the club. As a matter of fact he is now the current team captain of Union Berlin. agen sbobet terpercayaWesley Sneijder and Rodney Sneijder

  1. Wesley Sneijder and Rodney Sneijder

Wesley Sneijder is a professional footballer from the Netherlands. He has played for many big teams, including Real Madrid, Ajax, and Inter Milan in the past. Wesley Sneijder also has impressive career with the Dutch national team. People do not know very well that the 33-year-old footballer has a little brother who is a footballer as well. Rodney Sneijder is the much-younger brother of Wesley Sneijder. He is seven years younger than Wesley. Just like his big brother, Rodney also found football as his passion and so far he has been playing for several clubs. The Dutch footballer plays as midfielder for Ajax, FC Utrecht, and several other teams in the Netherlands. He even played for Scottish Dundee United. Even though Rodney’s football career is not as impressive as Wesley when he was his age, at least the young Sneijder keep on trying. Recently, Wesley went back to the Netherlands and joined amateur Eerste Klasse club DHSC. The interesting fact about that is the assistant coach of DHSC now is another Sneijder brother named Jeffrey Sneijder, older brother of Wesley and Rodney. Before being an assistant coach, Jeffrey was an active footballer as well, often encouraging his younger brothers Wesley and Rodney to play football in their youth. Apparently football already runs in the family for a long time. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Tobias Schweinsteiger

  1. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Tobias Schweinsteiger

Who doesn’t know Bastian Schweinsteiger? He is a prominent German midfielder who had successful long-term career with Bayern Munchen and Germany National Team. Even though Bastian Schweinsteiger had disastrous time with Manchester United after leaving Bayern Munchen, he seems to be redeeming himself pretty well by currently playing for Chicago Fire, a Major League Soccer club in the USA. Little did we know, Bastian Schweinsteiger has an older brother who was a footballer as well. His name is Tobias Schweinsteiger. Tobias is two years Bastian’s senior and now already retiring as football players. However, Tobias does not leave the football world for entirely. He is now the assistant manager of the Bayern Munich under-17 team, the team where his little brother Bastian used to play.

Those are five pairs of footballer brothers that people mostly do not know about. It is probably because one brother is so successful and the other is not so much. However, the less famous brother still have the right to be recognized as often as the other famous brother. Let’s hope that their career will be even better in the future and can be in the same level as their famous brother.