England Premier League New Season 2016-2017 Review and Fixtures!


2016 has almost met its end and it wouldn’t be fun without some tingly and adventurous feeling from England Premier League, would it? Last year, the event has been a success, just like the other events it had before. If you are nothing but excited to welcome the new season of this most watched and waited football event, you must have a look on the schedules, well the plans that will release some time around June. However, heading to the official web site would worth a shot, too. Yet, the following articles will provide information of the England Premier League New Season 2016/2017 fixtures! Of course, with a little hint of history back then. Have a note!

England Premier League New Season 2016-2017 Review and Fixtures!

Rummaging Through the History

England Premier League was first known as F.A. Premier League. It is a professional football league competition in England involving high class football clubs in the country. In history, the match has been winning people’s heart around the world. More than 600 millions people watch and they have got to be very interesting to watch. Back then, before Premier League was established in 1992, the very first professional league football competition was Football League First Division. Until then, the end of 1991-1992, some high class football clubs were separating themselves from the football league after reaching for some beneficial commitment with some television station.

Premier League is a football league that is most watched in the world, live for 212 region in the world for approximately 63 million spectators. In the 2010-2011 season, the average number of audience presence in each of the match is 35,000, which placed it to be the second highest after Germany professional league. For the last 5 years, England Premier League gets a very satisfying and proper rank the first time from UEFA based on the last performances in Europe match. For years, the match has been a goal for people to enjoy and to gather with some friends or families, bonding each of the broken rope and making it tighter even.

Where the Story of Newest Season Begins

August will be the month where the freshly new season is held. Nailing the August the 13th, the very first game will be held. This eighth month of 2016 will be the sign for the next one year to finally end the game and see who the winner will be. Yes, May the 13th will be the witness of a new champion. Holding on to the schedules on time might be important. According to sbobet casino if you have already been a little persistent from now on, sneaking a peek on the fixtures now will be okay too, reminds that the official fixtures will soon be announced on June. Yes, not so long. Some very exciting pair of eyes will be connecting the feels, the togetherness, as well as the sportive and amazing games!

Sneaking a Peek on Important Dates

We may have guessed some of the important dates. Please kindly put the attention on them and see how far we can fulfill all the match to our eyes. As it has been said before, the official release dates for the fixtures will be in the middle of June in the morning, UK time. And as another good new has come, it has been confirmed firmly that the 13th August 2016 will be the date where the season starts. And as exciting as it sound when we get to know the champion, the season has to end on 13 – 14 May 2017. However, there are some dates that are not announced and confirmed yet. Some of the dates are still allowed to be guessed, open to assumptions.

Have a look on the initial changes in the fixtures that will be in the term of two weeks. Then it is followed by the second changes that will be done after the fixtures of league champ being announced. It is then followed by community shield match that will be having on the first week of August 2016. The excitement has not ended just yet, because the one cup to finalize the capital will be in the end of February, the 26th. For the last one, get ready for the champion to lift up the embers! FA Cup Final; Sunday, May the 7th will be recorded in history, once again. And again, the togetherness will be soon felt right after the match.

Tips to Accompany

The information above are just a slight (and accurate) news due to the newest season of Premier League. About the updates and newest-est information, head to the official site and find what you need there, and also some trusted sport website. Pretty sure, collecting as much information as possible will help us out on finding our schedule matched. Digging more about the players and all will surely be an amazing experience, too. The hype might be irresistible, like we just want to jump into the crowd and find ourselves scream in the middle of the game. However, if you are an extremely huge fan, you can always counts yourself in to the booking flight right to Heathrow.

Fun Facts, Though!

Fun Facts, Though!

If we pay attention to the history back then, and then we combine it altogether with the history now, we would likely be aware of some important things, such as sponsor and logo. For years, Barclays, had been a huge sponsor for Premier League, and that made their name listed on the logo of EPL itself. The newest England Premier League is no longer working together with Barclays. Thus, it impacts to the newest, more modern, and more dynamic logo created by creative team behind the scenes. The reason for England Premier League to leave the Barclays is guessed related to go back to the very first purpose of sport. After all, the game does still exist, doesn’t it?

Clearing the statements written, the England Premier League will be a one year amazing planned match we have ever had, next after the others we have had recently. Be prepared and be amazed on how football can be a media to meet new experience and share it together with even the strangers!

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