Free Soccer Prediction of Lazio vs Napoli


The match of Lazio and Napoli is waited by all of the supporters of the two teams. Because of it, there is the Free Soccer Prediction of Lazio and Napoli as below. As we have known, both Lazio and Napoli are the big teams in the Serie A Italy. This match will be held on 18 January 2015, and the teams will play in the Lazio’s stadium. If seeing from the league position, Lazio that is in the third position will try to maintain the position because Napoli which is in the fourth position will not be easy to be lost. Napoli also will play as good as possible in order to erase Lazio from the third position.Lazio-VS-Napoli

This match will be a hot match since both Lazio and Napoli only have 1 difference point in the league position of Serie A Italy. This difference will make the teams have a motivation to lose each other. In Free Soccer Prediction, if Lazio win in this match, Lazio will have 34 points, but the teams will be still in the third position since the team in the second position has 40 points which is hard to be passed. However, if the winner is Napoli, Lazio will be in the fourth position, and Napoli will climb to the third position. Indeed, it is a crucial match for Lazio since in this match this team has to play in the best performance in order to maintain the position having been got in the league position.

Moreover, in Free Soccer Prediction of Lazio versus Napoli, Lazio will have a bigger chance to win than Napoli. The reason is because the results of seven matches before, Lazio get 3 wins, 3 draws, and only 1 lost. Meanwhile, Napoli only gets 2 wins, 3 draws, and 2 loss. With the 3 wins of Lazio, this team has a better quality as a football team if it is compared with Napoli which only gets 2 wins in the last its seven matches. Then, 1 lost Free Soccer Prediction and 3 draws of Lazio prove that the team is strong enough in the Serie A Italy.Free Soccer Prediction of Lazio vs Napoli

Besides, another reason why Lazio will have a better chance than Napoli is because the stadium this match will be held is in the Lazio’s stadium. Of course, as a home player, Lazio will get more spirit since the team will play in front of its supporter. If Lazio is lost in this match, the supporter of Lazio must be disappointed. Thus, to make the supporter happy, in the, Lazio will play in its best performance. Nonetheless, as its away match, Napoli will get fewer supporters than Lazio.

Last, from the explanation above, there are several predictions relating to the result of the match. For Lazio, this team has 60% win and 40% lost. Meanwhile, for Napoli, the Free Soccer Prediction is 40% win, 40% lost, and 20% draw. From the prediction, it is clear enough that Lazio has a bigger chance to win than Napoli.

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