Legendary Football Players that Never Won Balloon D’Or

Ballon D’Or is the highest achievement for the football players. However, there are several legendary football players that even never won this Ballon D’Or prize although they have great performance with their club or national team. Legendary Football Players that Never Won Balloon D'Or

  • Frank Lampard 

Frank Lampard is one of the greatest players in Chelsea all of time and England midfielder and won 13 trophy with The Blues over time when he join with the club. Frank Lampard joins t o club in 2001 and quickly becomes the main squad in the team. He has appears in over 648 appearances and score 211 goals. This record makes him as the all-time club leading goal scorer. Lampard best moments come when Chelsea against Bayern Munich and win in Champions League. Frank Lampard also becomes part of Britain Great Golden Generation in Football, along with Paul scholes, Wayne Rooney, and Steven gerrard.  In 2005, he get 2ndposition in Ballon’D or competition under Ronaldinho.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

Striker from Sweden and enjoy the glam career in several leagues titles in Spaon, Italy, France and Netherlands. Ibrahimovic trade to Manchester United in Premier League and becomes his 8th club he joined in senior career. His professional debut starts in Malmo 1999, in Sweden and scored 420 goals in this domestic match. The trophy collection becomes fair for his occupants include 4 titles in Serie A, 4 Ligue titles and one La Liga titles. He has never come to top 3 nominees for Ballon D’Or and the closest position is when he gets 4th rank after Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Mesi and Franck Ribery in 2013.

  • Thierry Henry 

Thierry Henry is noted as goal scoring prowes and high technical ability and becomes the club leading scorer.  Henry is notable with historic winning with FC Barcelona include titles in La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and the Champions League in 2009. Thierry Henry also plays well in his National team France. He wins 1998 World Cup and UEFA Euro 2000 and best the Michale Platini fir France top scorer titles. The closest position for Henry with Ballon D’Or is in 2006 in 3rdposition and becomes runner up in 2003. Thierry Henry With Barcelona Jersey

  • Arjen Robben 

Arjen Robben has collected a lot of trophies when hen joined with the clubs. The winger player has winning the titles from Netherlands, Spain and England. He won pretty much trophy with Bayern Munich includes 6 Bundes Liga title, 4 trophies in DFB Pokals, and even when he wins the Champions League. Unfortunately, he has not as success as in his Dutch team in international level under-performing. Netherlands and Robben come close into World Cup 2010 and becomes runner up when they lost from Spain 1-0.  Robben also not have much luck with Ballon D’Or as he come closest to win in 2014 and just get the 4th position.

  • Xavi hernandes

Xavi Hernandes is graduation from Barcelona’s La Masia Youth Academy. His tiki-taka style make the Catalan football club lead the success when he join the first team.  The presence from him becomes one reason why he wins titles of La Liga for 8 times. Xavi also play important role in national Spanish team that won Euro Cup in 2008, 2010 World Cup titles, and also Euro cup in 2012. The only football player in Spain History that has more successful such as Xavi is his teammate, Andres Iniesta. Xavi get close with Ballon D’Or competition and get finished in 3rd position in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Click here to read List of 5 Football Brothers People Didn’t Know About)

  • Gianlugi Buffon

Ballon D’Or award has been biased towards to attacking football players, or defender that even get better luck in this awards rather than goalkeeper. The only one goalkeeper that win the Ballon D’Or prize is Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin that win this Ballon D’Or prize to his home in 1963. The Italian goalkeeper, gianlugi Buffon has closest position to win the Ballon D’Or prize in repeatedly and the best rank he get when come into 2nd position in 2006. Buffon has lead his team, Juventus wins Serie A titles for 10 times, won World Cup with Italy in 2006 and also finish as runner up in 2012 in European Championship. Bufon also win multiple titles for his shot stoppers abilities, include win Seri –A Goalkepper of the year and drop the trophy 12 times. Gianlugi Buffon From Juventus

  • Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs is the prominent role player in Manchester United and also win domestic titles and European success under management of Sir Alex Ferguson in range 1990s and 2000s. Giggs join Manchester United in youth program in 14 and have appearances over 950 in all competitions. His skill for passing and dribbling and discipline becomes his excess. In Manchester United, he won 13 Premier League titles, 2 Champions League, and 4 FA cups.  Totally, he scored 168 goals when join Manchester United, 160 assist and make him as Premier league’s leading assist provider all of time. However, with his achievement with his club, he just never made closest to Ballon D’O to top 3 positions.

  • Philip Lahm

He is considered as one of the best full backs players in German defender and also becomes captain for Bayern Munich and German National team. Lahm has leaded his team to won 8 Bundes Liga titles, 6 DFB Pokals titles and Champions League when joined with Bayern Munich.  In 2014, Lahm also becomes captain for German National team in 2014 at World Cup triumph. In 2014, he positioned in 6th rank in Ballon D’Or place.

  • Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini becomes one of the most successful football players in AC Miland and Italian defender that voted as World Soccer List of greatest player in 20th century. Paolo Maldini hold the record for Most appearances player in Serie-A with 647 appearances that comes over with his 25 seasons in AC Milan.  He won award 7 Seroe-A titles, 5 Champions League trophy, and 3 times of Supercoppa Italianas.  In national team, he performs in 4 World Cup and 3 UEDA Championship. He comes close to win Ballon D’Or prize and finishing at 3rd place in 2003 and 1994.

  • Andres Iniesta

In World Cup 2010, Andres score the winning goal for Spain and make him as most work hard players to put Spanish spirit in winning titles. He won World Cup and European Championship in his national team Spain. The closest rank to win Ballon D’Or is when he comes as runner up in 2010.

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